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"It's impossible to overstate it: Brandi Jones is a MIRACLE WORKER! I'd spent my entire life rotating through a uniform of bland t-shirts and jeans, feeling insecure about my sense of style and unwilling to try anything new, but working with Brandi has completely changed the way I think about fashion. Not only did she help me find countless looks that flatter me and fit my budget but she actually made shopping fun - and the only drawback has been that now I love it so much that I practically can't stop! 

Brandi has an impeccable sense of style, is always up on the latest trends, and has an uncanny ability to identify the perfect outfit for any body type and personality. She's an absolute pleasure to work with and and if I gave her a dollar for every compliment I've gotten on my wardrobe since I met her, I wouldn't have any more money to spend on new clothes!"


"My experience with Brandi was out of this world. The Brandi Jones Experience went above and beyond my expectations. Jones' professionalism exudes her passion. Not only does her work demonstrate her passion for fashion, but it's evident that she takes pride and care in her work. Brandi knocked my vision out - of - the park! Jones stayed in constant communication from the start to the very (intricate) end; regardless of time spent, until my vision became a reality. I am so blessed and honored to have worked with an extraordinary woman who empathizes with others, takes extra care of her client as well as the vision. Thank you Brandi Jones from the depth of my heart. You rock!"


"Brandi has an unique ability to sense your fashion and bring it to life. She helps you find your look whether at a red carpet event, working in your passion or a night on the town. If you want to take your image to the next level...Then you need to schedule a consultation."


"Brandi Jones has an eye for great fashion. I can tell her my vision of a look that I want and she will have some ideas back to me within 20 minutes or so. Brandi styled me last year for the 2017 Emmy's and I was ranked #1 by Buzzfeed as one of the most stylish men on the red carpet. What more can I say - Ms. Jones knows how to make me look like an International Star!"


"I work with Brandi on locating a special something I need for event, or just for the fun of shopping. She has worked with me to find items I need from head to toe, literally.  I rely on Brandi wholeheartedly. Her honest, chic modern and cutting edge style, I cannot trust anywhere else. Did I mention honest? Brandi has no fears in letting you know if something does not work for you and she will not quit till she finds the perfect something that will work. Be it a hat, clothing, shoes or other items needed.  If you work with Brandi, you are one very lucky person, and your in for a lovely treat!"


"I wanted to get a few new pieces for my husband as he was transitioning into a new career. Brandi was very attentive and did a great job explaining how to style various pieces of clothing together. She does an excellent job of adhering to your personal style while encouraging you to step outside of your comfort zone, thus giving you a whole new look that you yourself - would not have thought of. My husband was absolutely surprised and very satisfied with his new wardrobe."


"Brandi is a dedicated professional who has gone out of her way to help me with my style. Her sense of fashion is impeccable. She knows what looks great on me and her expertise has made the things she has chosen for me look amazing. She is great at putting pieces together that I would not have put together and they look fantastic. I have worked with Brandi for many years and she has really helped me expand my wardrobe. One of her greatest assets is that she customizes the shopping experience. In addition, her positive outlook and great personality make the shopping experience fun. It is like shopping with a friend. I highly recommend Brandi’s services and think she is one of the best stylists in Los Angeles!"


"It was an immediate appeal to speak to Brandi, she was cheerful and easy going. I went to Brandi for some advice not anticipating at all what was in store. I started venting about my insecurities of not feeling very womanly or with much desirability; especially working in a predominately wealthy area surrounded by beauty, fashion, and models. Without hesitation, Brandi started explaining to me that this is the wrong mindset; that attraction and beauty comes from within!  
We exchanged numbers and continued to work on my self-confidence; discussed style and beauty pointers that worked well with my modest presentation. Brandi's observational skills were so on point that I was embarrassed! She knew exactly the type of things I would skip in my day-to-day routine. Following her suggestions, I immediately got a hair cut and put all of her to tips to work! Naturally, it took some adjusting for me but I noticed right away how these very minimal adjustments altered my appearance. It was really strange and humbling how so many people noticed the small changes I made the next day; it wasn't anticipated at all, and it helped me be more conscientious of my appearance. To this very day I try to apply one or more of Brandi's tips in my daily routine. It still amazes me how these very simple things have made me feel more attractive and happy about being in my own skin!"


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