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Dr. Jason Plunkett, Psy.D 

"The Brandi Jones Styling Experience has changed my life forever. I was extremely basic and safe in my past way of dress, and Brandi has allowed me to step outside of my comfort zone & learn to be comfortable with the new Me. As a Psychologist, it's important for me to be professional, stylish, and comfortable. Only Brandi is able to dress me with those three personal needs. Brandi has added great value to me in life; in how I feel as well as dress."


Clio Olaya Mattioli, Socialite

"Having never worked with a stylist before, Brandi definitely changed my view on fashion. Her great sense of style and her expertise in putting amazing outfits together, makes me enjoy the process. She shakes me out of my comfort zone and I love it."


Melvin Jackson Jr,

"Brandi Jones has an eye for great fashion. I can tell her my vision of a look that I want and she will have some ideas back to me within 20 minutes or so. Brandi styled me last year for the Emmy's and I was ranked #1 by Buzzfeed as one of the most stylish men on the red carpet. What more can I say - Mrs. Jones knows how to make me look like an International Star!"

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Alana Romoff,
VP, Comedy Fox Entertainment

"It's impossible to overstate it: Brandi Michelle Jones is a MIRACLE WORKER! I'd spent my entire life rotating through a uniform of bland t-shirts and jeans, feeling insecure about my sense of style and unwilling to try anything new, but working with Brandi has completely changed the way I think about fashion. Not only did she help me find countless looks that flatter me and fit my budget but she actually made shopping fun - and the only drawback has been that now I love it so much that I practically can't stop! 


Brandi has an impeccable sense of style, is always up on the latest trends, and has an uncanny ability to identify the perfect outfit for any body type and personality. She's an absolute pleasure to work with and and if I gave her a dollar for every compliment I've gotten on my wardrobe since I met her, I wouldn't have any more money to spend on new clothes!"

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Azy Farahmand,
Real Estate Agent at
The Agency

"I work with Brandi on locating a special something I need for an event, or just for the fun of shopping. She has worked with me to find items I need from head to toe, literally.  I rely on Brandi wholeheartedly. Her honest, chic modern and cutting edge style, I cannot trust anywhere else. Did I mention honest? Brandi has no fears in letting you know if something does not work for you and she will not quit till she finds the perfect something that will work. Be it a hat, clothing, shoes or other items needed.  If you work with Brandi, you are one very lucky person, and you're in for a lovely treat!"

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